Highest Paying Government Jobs Of India

January 21, 2021
Highest paying government jobs of India wejobstation

In India, getting a government job is like you have conquered a state. Not only in your circle, your whole family, but it also makes a social status in the whole society. But, this society validation currently only works in northern India. Still, southern parts of India are now more inclined towards the private sector. But, in U.P. and Bihar where unemployment is a huge problem, people only go for public sector jobs. Above that, if you got a high-paying job then it is like “ICING ON THE CAKE“. This case only occurs when you qualify for something like IAS, IPS officer.

In India, every year lakhs of candidates apply for government jobs. Almost every candidate attempts for civil service examination. The craze of civil examination is because it has the highest salary, power, and facilities. So here we are presenting a list of Highest Paying Government Jobs Of India.

List Of Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

These are the high paying government jobs in India, the important perks, and their pay scale. All the public sector jobs are in descending order of their pay scales.

1. Indian Foreign Services

Indian Foreign Services WeJobStation
Indian Foreign Services WeJobStation

Indian Foreign Services officers get recruited by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). UPSC conducts a civil service examination for the Indian Foreign Service (IFS). The Indian foreign service officers represent India in front of foreign countries. IFS officers spend their career in foreign countries as a diplomat. Civil service examination occurs in 3 stages. Prelims, Mains, and Interview conducted by UPSC. These officers spend 3 years in every country ordered by the government. The only need to appear for this exam is Graduation.

Perks of Indian Foreign Services

  • Pay Scale of IFS officer: ₹60,000/- to ₹3,30,000/-
  • Housing Facility
  • Medical Facility
  • Chance to travel the whole world
  • Car and Other Staff
  • International Educational Facility
  • Addition Allowance like living cost and many other.

2. IAS And IPS Officer

IAS And IPS Officer wejobstation
IAS And IPS Officer wejobstation

IAS and IPS officers jobs are the most prestigious government job in India. By civil service examination, these IAS and IPS officers are selected as well. The examination process of IAS, IPS, and IFS officers is the same conducted by UPSC. There are many different fields for IAS and IPS officers. These officers get appointed to these fields according to their performance. As I said, it is the most prestigious job due to which many candidates apply, so it becomes very difficult to qualify. The only criteria to appear for examination is Graduation.

Perks of IAS and IPS Officer

  • The pay Scale of IAS And IPS officer is ₹56,100/- to ₹2,25,000/-
  • Bungalow Facility
  • Car, Driver, and Other Staff
  • Study leave and sponsorship for higher education
  • 24X7 protection.

3. Scientists in ISRO and DRDO

Scientists in ISRO and DRDO wejobstation
Scientists in ISRO and DRDO wejobstation

The scientist is a profession that is very important for the growth of the nation. But, it is not as famous in India as it is in America. The boom of Scientist has not happened yet. Due, to which people don’t know about this profession at least in northern India, where I live. Coming to the point engineers can apply for this job. Defense Research and Development Organization knew as DRDO. Indian Space Research Organization is known as ISRO. These 2 government organizations recruit scientists. And these jobs are a luxury in itself.

Perks of Scientists in ISRO and DRDO

  • Pay Scale of Scientist in ISRO and DRDO is ₹50,000/- to ₹65,000/-
  • Allowance for accommodation or accommodation is Provided and other allowances
  • Bonus after a fixed time
  • Many other things

4. Defense Services

Defense Services wejobstation
Defense Services wejobstation

Now the defense sector. One of the most hyped-up jobs for 12 Pass candidates. There are 2 chances to join defense services. One is after 12 and another after graduation. You can join defense by qualifying for a few exams like NDA, AFCAT, CDS and a few others are also there. This job is very challenging for many candidates, especially for 12 Pass candidates. But it also has a lot of Promotion opportunities because you join this service at a very early stage. There are 3 important posts: Lieutenant, Flying Officer, Sub-Lieutenant. You can join as Lieutenant after 12 by qualifying NDA. For Sub-lieutenant and Flying officer after Graduation. Sub-lieutenant by qualifying C.D.S exam. Flying Officer by qualifying AFCAT exam.

Perks of Scientists in Defense Services

  • Starting Pay Scale Of Defence Service is ₹60,100/-
  • Many allowances
  • Free education for children
  • High chance of regular promotion
  • Other facilities

5. Indian Forest Services

Indian Forest Services wejobstation
Indian Forest Services wejobstation

This job is also a part of the Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC. Like IFS, IAS, and IPS Officer described above in points 1 & 2. It is a job related to forests and wildlife. Their main motive is to protect our natural resources and wildlife. This job also gets a lot of perks and has a high pay scale. Let’s see them in detail.

Perks of Scientists in Indian Forest Services

  • Pay Scale of Indian Forest Services Officer is ₹52,000/-
  • Many Allowances
  • Staff and Car with a driver
  • Fully Furnished House

6. RBI B Grade

RBI B Grade wejobstation
RBI B Grade wejobstation

The next on the list is one of the highest-paid bankers of India. The banking job in RBI starts from Grade B and can end up to the Deputy Governor of RBI. RBI Grade B officer is like a dream of every Indian banker. There are many perks and allowances in this job.

Perks of RBI B Grade

  • Pay Scale of RBI Grade B is ₹67,000/-
  • 3 BHK Flat Allowance
  • Petrol Allowance
  • Per year tour allowance
  • Children’s education allowance
  • Staff allowance
  • laptop and other miscellaneous allowance
  • Study leave opportunity

7. PSU


Public Sector Undertaking is known as PSU. This means companies like Corporates but owned by Government and with high pay scales. There are organizations in Indian PSU like BHEL, IRCON, BARC, OPGC, Indian Oil, and many others. You can join these organizations by qualifying GATE examination. These jobs also have many Perks.

Perks of PSU

  • On average CTC of PSU is ₹10,00,000/- to ₹12,00,000/- Per annum
  • Shift wise work
  • Transport, Laptop, Furniture, and many other allowances.

8. ASO in Ministry Of External Affairs

ASO in Ministry Of External Affairs wejobstation
ASO in Ministry Of External Affairs wejobstation

This ASO post is the easiest target for the candidate who wants to work foreign. And it is also a government job which makes it a better job from the job security point of view. ASO officers get recruited by the SSC CGL exam. ASO IN MEA roams the whole world like IFS officer, every country for 3 years. The candidate needs to qualify for Foreign language skills by an exam.

Perks of ASO Officer in Ministry of External Affairs

  • Pay Scale of ASO In MEA is ₹1,25,000/- to ₹1,80,000/-
  • Accommodations and other allowance
  • Chance to travel whole world
  • Free medical support

9. Lecturers in Government College

Government college lecturer wejobstation
Government college lecturer wejobstation

You can be a lecturer in a government college it has a very high pay scale. And it is one of the most carefree jobs because you will have a lot of free time for research or anything which you like. The salary is always dependent on experience. You need to qualify UGC Net with JRF for becoming a government lecturer.

Perks of Lecturer in Government College

  • Pay scales of Government Job Lecturer is ₹40,000/- to ₹1,00,000/-
  • Medical facility
  • House allowance
  • Laptop and other miscellaneous allowance

10. State Service Commissions SSC

SSC is an examination which recruits candidate for many different posts similar to UPSC. UPSC selects candidates for Grade A officers and the SSC exam selects staff. In this exam, there are many different posts like DSP, SDM, Tehsildar, etc. These jobs also have a high pay scale. It also provides a lot of perks and power.

Perks of Lecturer in State Service Commissions

  • Pay scales of SSC is ₹35,000/- to ₹45,000/-
  • Furnished house Allowance
  • Vehicle Allowance
  • Electricity Allowance

Her the list of Highest paying government jobs ends.

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