IPS Officer || WeJobStation Scrutiny #2

IPS Officer || WeJobStation Scrutiny #2

As you saw in our last officer we reviewed IFS Officers. So in this article, we are going to review about IPS officer which stands for Indian Police Service. IPS officer is one of the highest-paid government jobs. Which comes under All India Civil service, they operate Group A & B officers. Each year lakhs of people apply for IPS officer posts but only 150 candidates are selected as IPS Officer. So in this article, we will talk about Eligibility, Age limit, syllabus, duty, and many other perks. So we will talk about each aspect of IPS Officer.

So here is a full scrutiny of IPS Officer in WeJobStation Scrutiny.

Table of Content

  1. What is an Indian Police Service Officer (IPS)?
  2. The requirement for these Officers
    • Nationality
    • Education
    • Attempts
    • Age Limit
    • Physical Criteria
  3. Recruitment Process of Indian Police Service Officer (IPS)
  4. Syllabus of IPS Recruitment
    • Syllabus of Prelims exam
    • Syllabus of mains exam
    • Interview
  5. Duty Of this civil service
  6. Perks of this civil service
  7. Skills Required for this civil service
  8. Salary Structure of this civil service
  9. Faq

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What is an Indian Police Service Officer (IPS)?

The Indian Police Service Officer in short known as an IPS officer. Which comes under the All India Civil service category as described in Best UPSC Jobs. The most important aspect of an IPS officer is to safeguard normal citizens of India. These IPS officers work under Central Government as well as the State Government government. They have a chance to work with many different organizations like R&AW, IB, CID, CBI, and many more. There are many important roles and works of IPS Service. So here is the full information in detail.

Requirements of IPS Officer

IPS officers are selected by Civil Service Examination similarly to the IFS officer. This examination related to Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Every candidate should fulfill few basic requirements. This basic information’s like Education, age limit and many more.

Nationality Requirements

  • The Candidate should be from India, Nepal, Bhutan
  • Tibetan refugee who came before 1962
  • Migrant From Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, East African, Uganda, Zambia, and many more

Education And Attempts Requirements

  • The Candidate should be 12 Pass from any recognized board
  • With graduation from any stream
  • The Unreserved category has 6 attempts
  • For SC/ST it is infinite
  • For the Physically handicapped, it is 9 attempts in General and OBC
  • unlimited attempts for SC/ST Physically handicapped People

Age Requirement

  • 21 Years in Minimum age
  • 32 Years is the Maximum age
  • For OBC candidates maximum age is 35 Years
  • For SC/ST candidates maximum age is 37 Years
  • For Ex-Serviceman maximum age is 37 years
  • For candidates from Jammu & Kashmir maximum age is 37 Years
  • For Blind person, the maximum age is 42 years
  • For Defence Service personnel maximum age is 37 Years

Physical Criteria

  • The minimum height for men is 165 CMS
  • The minimum height for women is 150 CMS
  • The minimum chest for men is 84 CMS
  • The minimum chest for women is 79 CMS
  • Myopia does not exceed -4.00D
  • Hyper myopia does not exceed +4.00D

Recruitment Process Of Indian Police Service Officer

Now, if you fulfill the requirements and then you can move forward to another process. For getting an IPS officer post you need to qualify civil service examination. Civil service examination takes place in Prelims, Mains, and Interview. And a medical test after the interview. So here is the full information and syllabus of exam. The candidate will be rejected if you fail in any of the criteria. This is the reason why only 150 candidates get selected in lakhs of the student.

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Syllabus Of IPS Exam

The civil service examination for IPS officers is divided into 3 different categories.

  • Prelim exam
  • Mains exam
  • Interview

Syllabus of Prelim Exam

Prelim happens in 2 different exams. These exams are given below.

Paper 1

  • Current Affairs National and International
  • History of India
  • Political System
  • Panchayati raj
  • Public policy
  • Economics
  • Social Development
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental ecology
  • General Science

Paper 2

  • Comprehension
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Mental Ability
  • Basic numeracy

Syllabus of Mains exam

Mains exam happen in 9 different exams which are given below.

  • Paper A Indian language [300 marks]
    1. Comprehension of Passages
    2. Vocabulary
    3. Article Writing
    4. Short essay
    5. There are many languages to choose from
  • Paper B English [300 marks]
    1. Comprehension
    2. Article writing
    3. Essay
    4. Vocabulary
  • Paper 1 – Essay Writing [250 marks]
  • Paper 2 – General Studies Paper I [250 marks]
    1. Indian Heritage
    2. Culture
    3. History
    4. Geography
    5. Social Issue
  • Paper 3 – General Studies Paper-II [250 marks]
    1. Governance
    2. Polity
    3. Social Justice
    4. Internation Issues
    5. Constitution
  • Paper 4 – General Studies Paper III [250 marks]
    1. Technology
    2. Economics
    3. Biodiversity
    4. Security
  • Paper 5 – General Studies Paper IV [250 marks]
    • Ethics
    • Integrity
    • Aptitude
  • Paper 6 – Optional Subject I [250 marks]
  • Paper 7 – Optional Subject II [250 marks]
    • Subjects for Optional Subject I & II
    • Agriculture
    • Chemistry
    • Botany
    • Anthropology
    • Veterinary
    • Chemistry
    • Civil Engineering
    • Commerce
    • Economics
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Geography
    • Geology
    • Mathematics
    • Management
    • Law
    • Physics
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Public Administration
    • Sociology
    • Statistics
    • Zoology
    • Assamese
    • Bengali
    • Bodo
    • Gujrati
    • Kashmiri
    • Maithili
    • Urdu
    • Sanskrit
    • Malawi
    • Zaire
    • Ethiopia
    • Vietnam.
    • And many more languages


So the interview is the last step of this examination and the toughest. It can happen from any concept/question/subject. Anything can happen here so be prepared. Be self-confident, and believe in yourself. These questions will not be bookish it will be related to experience and environment. So is an example of an Interview by Drishti IAS for a better understanding.

Mock Interview by Drishti IAS

Duty Of IPS Officer

An IPS officer’s job is one of the most important and prestigious jobs in India. The examination process of IPS and other civil service agents is conducted by UPSC. These officers get appointed to many different sectors and candidates get selected according to their performance. The main objective is to manage and regulate district police for people’s safeguarding. These Officers can work with the Central Bureau of India CBI, Intelligence Bureau IB, Criminal Investigation Department CID, and many others.

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  • Bungalow Facility
  • Car, Driver
  • Other Staff
  • Study leave and sponsorship for higher education
  • 24X7 protection.


  • Corruption
  • Frequent Transfers
  • Political Problems
  • Very stressful work
  • Very hard Preparation before joining
  • Low social environment

Salary Structure Of IPS Officer

  • Director of IB or CBI: ₹2,25,000/-
  • Director-General of Police: ₹2,05,400/-
  • Inspector-General of Police: ₹1,44,200/-
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police: ₹1,31,100/-
  • Senior Superintendent of Police: ₹78,800/-
  • Additional Superintendent of Police: ₹67,700/-
  • Superintendent of Police: ₹56,100/-
  • Junior Scale: ₹15,600/- to ₹39,100/-
  • Senior Scale: ₹15,600/- to ₹39,100/-
  • Junior Administrator: ₹15,600/- to ₹39,100/-
  • Selection Grade: ₹37,400/- to ₹67,000/-
  • Super-Time Scale: ₹37,400/- to ₹67,000/-
  • Above Super-Time Scale: ₹67,000/- to ₹79,000/-

This is the basic salary structure of Officers according to ranks.

Skills Required

  1. Hard Working
  2. Good Communication Skills
  3. Ability to manage people
  4. The focus of personality and physical fitness
  5. Clarity of thoughts

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So the conclusion is you can join this post easily but you need to keep patience and work on your weak points not only in subjects. In place of subjects, you need to develop your personality or in short persona because it is very important in the Interview section. So that’s it for the wejobstation scrutiny. For any issue or correction comment down below.

FAQ About Officers

What are the subjects for IPS?

There are many subjects to choose from for mains exam

Is there any physical test for IPS?

Yes it is required you can check in article

How can I prepare for IPS officer?

You need to read this whole article and start from tomorrow

How is IPS selected?

They selected by recruitment process

Which stream is best for IPS?

Most of the people suggest history and economics

Is height necessary for men’s becoming IPS?

165 CMS

Is height necessary for women’s becoming IPS?

150 CMS

Can IPS become IAS?

No you can’t

Is science necessary for IPS?

Basic science is required

What is the first posting of IPS?

Deputy Superintendent of Police

Is IPS a dangerous job?

Yes compared to other Civil services

Is IPS a good job?

Yes it is very good

Who is the youngest IPS?

Hasan Safin

Which is highest post in IPS?

Director General of Police

Is IAS tougher than IIT?


Is IAS tougher than CA?


Do IPS officers get gun?

Yes he does get a pistol

Are IPS officers powerful?

Yes they are very powerful

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