About Us

About  WeJobStation 

WeJobStation Blog provides you the latest updates on recent Government job notifications.


It’s all started with a struggle of an young guy, brother of our founder who was seeking for job and going through all the long offline procedure for applying for a government job, obviously this is the era of internet and then he decided to go through web surfing to check out about government job but it is difficult for a youngster to under the official language and the method in which government use to provide information.

Few days later the young guy came with a startup idea called WeJobStation.

Who We Are

We are WeJobStation and we are here to provide short and easy information about the latest government jobs and mentorship to students to pursue their dreams to get a government job. Our elders taught us “TIME IS MONEY” and that’s what we think too and because of that our main idea is to provide a very short and simple format to describe the official notification of government job details.


We can create the hype of government jobs in youths mind, because youth is our future and our countries future is in youth’s hand, we are here because No recruiter or job seeker wants to go around every conversation with stupid details. The registration process should not be complicated as no candidate would choose to go through different stages to register different subscriptions. Thus, easy registration is widely preferred by all registration seekers. We WEJOBSTATION will notify all the interested candidates about jobs and interested candidates can apply in no time without any kind of hectic work, just by reading the details and applying for applications according to their eligibility. Few days later the young guy came with a startup idea called WeJobStation.


Meet The Hosts

Sushil Pandey

Sushil Pandey

Founder & CEO

I am the founder and CEO of WeJobStation, I was a freelancer till February 2020. From May 2020 i started my android app WeJobStation. Yes you heard me right i started my app before website, and we are a team which manage whole WeJobStation. Currently i manage all parts and functionality of  Wejobstation with the help of my team.

Ishan Shrivastava

Ishan Shrivastava


Hello, I am Ishan Srivastava, the director of WeJobStation and I manage and coordinate the different teams of the WeJobStation.

Apoorv Tiwari

Apoorv Tiwari


Hello, I’m Apoorv Tiwari and I manage the Content operations of the WeJobStation App as well as the website. I ensure the content and other important things related to App and Website. 

Kartikey Singh

Kartikey Singh


Hello, I’m Kartikey Singh and I manage the social media operations of WeJobStation. I ensure the content and other important things related to social media. If you are messaging us on any Social media handle then you are probably talking to me.

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