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Best Physics Book For IIT JEE

Best Physics Book For IIT JEE | WeJobStation

Best Physics Book For IIT JEE: Students studying for JEE Main and advance should be aware of the books that should be used in their studies. This article contains a list of the best books for JEE Main and advance that have been recommended by subject experts, previous year toppers, and other aspirants. The best JEE Main books are essential for getting into IIITs and NITs. Check more book info by clicking here.

To cement, the concepts learned, the Best Physics Book For IIT JEE for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics should be used. Check out the best JEE Main books 2022 list, as well as the JEE Main syllabus, exam pattern, and other JEE Main information. This article contains a list of the Best Physics Book For IIT JEE Main and advance that have been recommended by toppers and experts. Take a look at them!

Best Physics Book For IIT JEE | WeJobStation
Best Physics Book For IIT JEE

JEE Main and Advance Important Topics

With over 12 lakh students expected to take the exam, the exam strategy must be such that you ace it. Matshona Dhliwayo correctly stated, “The early bird gets the worm, but the wisest bird gets the fastest one.” So, to achieve the desired result, work smartly and wisely. To do so, you’ll need a comprehensive list of important topics to research. Best Physics Book For IIT JEE are given below.

Important topics require more attention, so study them thoroughly. Below is a list of important topics from previous years, organised by subject Best Physics Book For IIT JEE. To get your preparation right and tight, use the list of Best Physics Book For IIT JEE provided at the start for the specific topic.

Important Chapters of Physics

Chapter Names Chapter Names
Physics and Measurement Thermodynamics
Kinematics Rotational Motion
Gravitation Work and Energy
Power Properties of Solids and Liquids
Laws of Motion Electronic Devices
Oscillations Waves
Current Electricity Electromagnetic Waves
Communication Systems Electromagnetic Induction
Magnetism Alternating Currents
Magnetic Effects of Current Kinetic Theory of Gases
Dual Nature of Matter Radiation
Atoms Nuclei
Optics Electrostatics

Best Physics Book For IIT JEE starts from down below.

Best Physics Book For IIT JEE

There are both theoretical and practical issues in physics. Best Physics Book For IIT JEE because the questions in this section are mostly concept-based and direct questions are uncommon, the books listed below will assist you in studying, revising, and practising the JEE Main physics syllabus. Candidates should be aware of the new IIT JEE Physics pattern and prepare accordingly. It comes first in our Best Physics Book For IIT JEE.

Concepts of Physics (Vol. 1 and 2) by H.C Verma

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Dr. H C Verma wrote “Concepts of Physics,” which was published by Bharati Bhavan. The book is split into two parts. Mechanics, waves, and optics are covered in the first volume, while thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and modern physics are covered in the second. Students like the book because it covers a lot of ground, has simple language, clear concepts, good problems, and no errors. We strongly advise serious physics students to read this book. The book not only aids students in competitive examinations such as the IITJEE, but it also makes physics fun.

Starting from the beginning, this book explains Physics concepts in a straightforward manner. It is highly recommended for JEE preparation because the JEE tests students’ conceptual strength, and this book makes learning the concepts in the subject simple. The organization and simplicity of this book contribute to the ease with which it can be used to learn physics.

Concepts of Physics

  • Recommended By Many Toppers
  • Best For Problem Solving
  • Good Amount of Solved Example
  • Well Explained Theory
  • Each Problem Will Teach You Something
  • Few McQ are present.
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Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & walker

Fundamental of physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker are divided into 2 parts. These parts are known as Volume I & II. You can check the price and other information by clicking on the image. It comes second in Wejobstation’s Best Physics Book For IIT JEE.

Here is Volume 1 which is Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & walker.

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This book is the first volume of an adaptation of Halliday, Resnick, and Walker’s (10th edition) Principles of Physics and is a must-have resource for JEE (Main & Advanced) aspirants. The book is intended to assist students in overcoming obstacles in terms of concepts and problem solving as they prepare for JEE. The book is a one-of-a-kind combination of authoritative content and thought-provoking problems. The original book is divided into two volumes in accordance with the JEE syllabus. For complete coverage, this book includes additional topics and sample problems.

Resnick and Halliday’s Fundamentals of Physics, also known as Fundamentals of Physics, is a single book. Three authors contributed to this book: David Halliday, Robert Resnick, and Jearl Walker. Robert Resnick was a physics educator and the author of numerous physics textbooks. Jearl Walker is a physicist best known for his 1975 book Flying Circus of Physics. He is a physics instructor at Cleveland State University. David Halliday was a well-known American physicist who wrote physics textbooks. The book contains topics that can be studied in order to master the subject rather than just skimming through. It is calculus-based physics that would take a long time to master.

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Fundamentals of Physics

  • One Of The Best Books For Physics Theory
  • Questions Are Of Good Level
  • Adapted Version For JEE By AMIT GUPTA
  • Some Topics Go Beyond IIT JEE
  • Topics Like Constraint Motion And Net Motion etc Are Not Given
  • Not Recommended for IIT JEE
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JEE Main & Advanced is not only India’s premier engineering institute, but it has also become a global brand for academic excellence. Some of the best and brightest Engineering students and career professionals call IIT JEE home. Every aspirant in the Science stream in class 12th wishes to achieve this goal. As a result of such ambition, there is even more competition. Every year, lakhs of students take the CBSE’s JEE Main and Advanced exams. Arihant’s Understanding Physics Series is widely regarded as one of the most reliable and useful textbooks for JEE Physics preparation. The bestselling series has been divided into five important topics by author D C Pandey. This comes third in Best Physics Book For IIT JEE book list.

The first part of the series, Mechanics Part -2, is based on the fundamentals of mechanics, written in an effective and easy-to-understand manner to lay the groundwork for a broad understanding. The author has also discussed basic math and the system of measurement in physics at the outset. The book’s main focus has been on developing concepts in areas such as rotational motion and gravitation, SHM, Elasticity, and Fluid Mechanics. The current edition, like the previous ones, provides the most effective method for learning and applying concepts while solving numerical problems. So it comes third in Best Physics Book For IIT JEE.


  • Fully Packed Package Of 5 Books
  • Subjective Problems
  • Theory Well Explained
  • Good amount of Examples
  • Questions Are Divided According Mains & Advance
  • Some People Like 2 Books Not 5
  • Repetitive Questions

Problems In General Physics by IE IRODOV

Problems In General Physics by IE IRODOV | WeJobStation
Problems In General Physics by IE IRODOV

The ‘Classic Text Series’ is a one-of-a-kind collection of classic works that were bestsellers when they first came out and are still bestsellers today. These classic texts have been designed to function as elementary textbooks, and they play an important role in teaching students how to build concepts from the ground up, as in-depth knowledge of concepts is required for students preparing for a variety of entrance exams.
This book on Problems in General Physics, which contains approximately 1900 problems with hints for solving the most difficult ones, was written for students taking advanced Physics courses. Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics, Thermodynamics & Molecular Physics, Electrodynamics, Oscillations & Waves, Optics, and Atomic & Nuclear Physics are the six parts of the book, each divided into a number of chapters. Each chapter of the book begins with a time-saving summary of the key formulas for the relevant physics area. The formulas are usually given without a detailed explanation. In the event that there are any misunderstandings, explanatory notes are provided. Except in Part 6, where the author used the Gaussian system, the author has used all SI formulas.

The main physical constants and tables, as well as the Periodic System of Elements and the Table of Elementary Particles, are summarised at the end of the book. A summary of key formulas has been provided at the start of each chapter to help clarify key concepts. Unsolved practice exercises have been provided at the end of each chapter to assist aspirants in revising the concepts covered in that chapter. After Part six, you’ll find the answers and solutions to the practice exercises. Appendices have been included after the answers and solutions for a better understanding of the concepts discussed in the book. So here is the Best Physics Book For the IIT JEE explanation completes.

Problems In General Physics

  • Best for JEE Advance Questions
  • Huge Number Of Numericals
  • A Little High Level Book
  • Not For Theory
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And Best Physics Book For IIT JEE are Given below 👇👇

Here is the full list of Physics Books

BOOK NAME Feature of the Book Check Now
Concepts of physics (Vol. 1 and 2) by H.C Verma Best concepts in the form of Problems/Questions. Click here
Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & walker Best Explanation of Concepts buts questions are less. Click here
Understanding Physics by D C Pandey (Arihant Publications) Quality solved/unsolved problems with explanations, derivations, and question sets Click here
Problems in General Physics by I.E Irodov Best Book for Advance level Problems. Click here
Understanding physics by Freedman and Young All topics are explained and theorized. Click here
Problems in physics by SS Krotov A huge number of practicing problems Click here
Problems and solution of physics by Shashi Bhushan Tiwari For practicing problems and study detailed solutions. Click here

Best Physics Book For IIT JEE Faq

Is NCERT sufficient for JEE Main?

JEE Main is a national entrance examination. As a result, relying solely on NCERT books will not suffice. Many JEE Main toppers, however, advise aspirants not to avoid the NCERT books, particularly in Chemistry, where direct questions from the book are frequently asked.

Is there a book that covers all subjects for JEE Main preparation?

Candidates should recommend topic-specific books rather than a single book in order to get the best of everything.

My personal notes are with me. Is it better to study from them or from the JEE Main books?

If a candidate has prepared their own study notes for JEE Main, they should concentrate on them. They should only look for books for JEE Main preparation after they have extinguished the notes.

Which book is the best for JEE Mains preparation?

When studying for a national level entrance exam like JEE Main, one book is never enough. The best books for JEE main are listed above by subject.

Is RD Sharma sufficient for the JEE Mains?

The RD Sharma book for JEE Main covers all of the concepts in depth. It is an excellent resource for candidates preparing for JEE Main 2022.

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